Serving the international development partner community

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International development is a priority for EY. This means priority access to the appropriate resources, investment and focus of our organization's leadership in driving excellence. EY has extensive experience working on international development projects around the world.

Meeting your goals is our priority

Our commitment to serving the international development partner community as a priority means:

  • A series of dedicated teams fully committed to worldwide coordination, matching your organization
  • Understanding your expectations, needs and procedures
  • Ability to build multi-disciplinary teams
  • Focused project management
  • Constant attention to client satisfaction

What can we do for you?

We have a strong track record of operating in emerging markets and developing countries, including:

  • Public financial management. Working with governments around the world to reform and enhance public sector functioning and financial management
  • Private sector development. Improving the robustness and impact of the private sector as a means of driving economic growth and poverty reduction through SME development, regulatory reform and inclusive and accessible financing
  • Infrastructure. Facilitating the creation of key infrastructure to allow for the basis of economic development focusing on energy, transport and social infrastructure
  • Cleantech. Achieving sound economic growth based on the principles of sustainability, including low carbon growth and broader environmental and social goals
  • Health and education. Ensuring inclusive economic growth which also concentrates on an appropriately educated and healthy population
  • Monitoring and evaluation. Working with governments and donors to ensure their funding delivers results in a robust and transparent manner

Let's get started

Now that you've learned a little more about our services, we'd like to hear more about your needs. Contact one of our professionals today.