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Five guiding principles for navigating the payer landscape

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Five guiding principles for navigating the payer landscape

1. Make the right comparisons

Payers and health care systems are changing rapidly. Focus on where the ball is going to be, not where it has been.

Are you trying to compete just with other pharma
companies — or with disruptive new entrants? Are you
comparing service opportunities to the drug business of
yesteryear — or the drug business of tomorrow?

2. Approach payers strategically and comprehensively

The time for dabbling is over. A complex, fragmented, rapidly changing payer environment demands a strategic and comprehensive approach for targeting and engaging with payers.

Is your approach to payers ad hoc and random — or structured and comprehensive?

3. Develop data-driven insights and interventions

The big opportunity for engaging payers with big data is in building the complete picture and targeting the small percentage of patients who will drive the biggest percentage of costs.

How are you pooling data, accessing cutting-edge analytics and developing actionable insights?

4. Create customer-centric solutions

Payers are interested in solutions that look across disease franchises, span the cycle of care and are unbiased between the products of different manufacturers.

Are you collaboratively trying to address payers’ biggest challenges — or are you using services defensively to try to sell more pills?

5. Rebuild trust through transparency

If data is the currency of the new health care, trust is the central bank. Without trust, pharma’s data and solutions will get little traction with payers. Restoring trust is an urgent imperative — and the right thing to do for business.

Are you being proactive on trust-building initiatives — or waiting for others to lead?