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Pulse of the industry: medical technology report 2012 - Industry performance - EY - Global

Pulse of the industry: medical technology report 2012

A new look at medtech’s performance

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Welcome to our fifth annual report on the state of the medical technology industry.

We’re delivering our findings to you in a new way this year.

This year we are launching a new website to share more of the data and charts that we generate from our in-depth analysis of the medtech industry.

This site features the charts from Pulse of the industry 2012, plus additional information and analysis.

How to use these charts

Use the charts on the following pages for more insights on the M&A and financial trends that may be useful background and benchmarking for your company.

Looking for more?

Contact one of our leaders from the Global Life Science Center to find out how we can apply our insights and industry knowledge to help position your company for the transformation underway in health care and the medtech industry.

For media inquires and information about republishing these charts, please contact:

Daniel Cusworth
Global Media Relations
+44 (20) 7980 0402
Gregory Kelley
Feinstein Kean Healthcare
+ 1 404 881 2302

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