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Spotlight on India’s entertainment economy - EY - Global

Spotlight on India’s entertainment economy

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Mobile broadband adoption offers exciting opportunities to develop 'anytime, anywhere' content..

Digital media is redefining the way India's M&E industry does business.

A surge in mass broadband adoption is expected, led by the launch of 3G and 4G services. In conjunction with the country's mobile phone user base, more than 750 million subscribers, the scale and impact of potential digital content consumption is enormous.

As global business leaders start to compete again for growth opportunities, there is an increasing sense of urgency among them to seize the prospects offered by the Indian market.

We take a closer look at:

Succeeding in India

  • Localize content: To succeed in India, global media companies need to localize their content and be sensitive to local culture.

  • Assess pricing and distribution channels: Global companies need to thoroughly assess the market and distribution channels to price content appropriately.

  • Understand regional nuances: India has several internal markets with different languages and consumer preferences. To succeed, global companies need to adopt different strategies for each region, as there will be differences in demand, the type of content desired, the mode of distribution of content and the revenue models employed.

  • Financial risk mitigation: In emerging markets, investors can struggle with finding accurate financial results due to the lack of transparency and concerns over the integrity of financial data. Identifying key risks and exposures will increase the chances of completing successful transactions in India.

Emerging market risks

While M&E companies operating in emerging markets like India continue to be exposed to risks ranging from local competition, fraud, corruption and piracy, ongoing structural and regulatory reforms and the development of corporate governance norms will mitigate these threats.

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