• Productivity in mining

    Productivity has been declining since 2000, as participants chose production growth and headline revenue during the commodity boom. Reversing this trend will require broad transformation.

  • Mining equipment overview

    Capex investment by miners remains low, which doesn’t bode well for equipment manufacturers. What’s the outlook?

  • Capital confidence barometer: mining and metals

    Global deal volumes are expected to improve for the sector, with a focus on returning on capital to shareholders.

  • UK Mining Eye - Q1 2014

    The Mining Eye continues to tumble, as the improved sentiment in 2014 seems reserved for the industry’s major miners.

  • Global steel 2014

    Excess capacity is the biggest threat to the steel sector, with increased competition set to transform the market. How can steelmakers prepare for the future?

  • M&A and capital raising: 2013 trends, 2014 outlook

    Despite deal inertia in 2013, a steady improvement in market conditions should see a gradual return to deal-making in mining and metals in 2014. Read why.

  • Mining in rapid growth economies

    The mining industry is shifting towards the rapid growth markets. We look at the trends in these markets and how to overcome the key challenges.

  • Cyber hacking and information security in mining

    Combating breaches to information security has emerged as a top priority for the mining and metals industry. What can companies do to lessen the threat?

  • The rising threat of substitution: mining & metals

    Substitution comes in many forms and can have a market-altering impact on an organization. Recognizing the triggers can serve as an early warning system.

Mining & Metals

Mining the opportunities

With a strong but volatile outlook for the sector, the global mining and metals industry is focused on future growth through expanded production, without losing sight of operational efficiency and cost optimization. The sector is also faced with the increased challenges of changing expectations in the maintenance of its social license to operate, skills shortages, effectively executing capital projects and meeting government revenue expectations.

EY’s Global Mining & Metals Center brings together a worldwide team of professionals to help you achieve your potential. Based in Sydney, our team is dedicated to offering industry insight and coordinating a network of more than 2,200 mining and metals professionals in 150 countries, who will develop practical alternatives and provide tailored solutions to the issues you face.

Key issues in today’s mining and metals environment include:

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