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Dynamic dealmaking in oilfield services - Overview - EY - Global

Dynamic dealmaking in oilfield services

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Technology, global reach and local delivery capabilities will be key for OFS companies.

Our oilfield services survey found that deal-making will remain strong because of numerous drivers in oilfield services (OFS), such as access to new technology, markets and customers, and integration of services.

We surveyed senior global corporate and private equity practitioners about the current business environment for OFS companies. Our goal was to understand their business strategies and objectives against the backdrop of macro-economic, regulatory and financing uncertainty.

Take a closer look at our survey results:

What you need to know

  • Gaining an edge in technology will be key for OFS
  • OFS companies will be most concerned with external risk surrounding the state of the global economy and its knock-on effects on energy demand
  • The fiscal environment and local content requirements could substantially affect OFS
Key Facts

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