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Turn risk and opportunities into resultsOil and Gas

As in previous years, we have taken a “bottom-up” approach to our work, gathering opinions from leading industry-based and academic commentators.

Market volatility, pricing pressure, variations in market performance, demanding stakeholders — all have contributed to a global economy that encourages competitive drive. And with that drive comes opportunity.

For that reason, we have broadened the scope of what has traditionally been our Business Risk report to incorporate both risks and opportunities.

This report is part of a wider cross-sector piece of research that explores the top 10 business risks and opportunities globally and across seven sector groups.

A closer look at oil and gas risks, opportunities

Our research suggests that access to reserves is the number one risk for the oil and gas sector, particularly with regard to political constraints and competition for proven reserves.

With regard to opportunities, frontier acreage was ranked number one. Areas previously regarded as too difficult, too expensive or too politically unstable to justify operations have become more economically viable given expectations of high energy demand and advances in technologies and business processes.

The top 10s are the result of a qualitative, opinion-gathering process, designed to identify the key risks and opportunities for businesses in 2011 and beyond.

However, we also recognize that the definition of risks and opportunities varies from sector to sector and from company to company, depending on objectives and many other factors. As such, we hope the list will trigger a debate that we would like to explore further.

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