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Turn risk and opportunities into results: power and utilities - EY - Global

Turn risk and opportunities into resultsPower and Utilities

New technologies and a changing customer relationship are driving a fundamental transformation of the power and utilities business model.

Market volatility, pricing pressure, variations in market performance, demanding stakeholders—all have contributed to the drive toward transformation of the power and utilities business model. And with that drive comes opportunity.

For that reason, we broadened the scope of our Business Risk report to incorporate both risks and opportunities.

This report is part of a wider cross-sector piece of research that explores the top 10 business risks and opportunities globally and across seven sectors including power and utilities, banking, retail, government, public administration, oil and gas, health care and life sciences.

As in previous years, we have taken a “bottom-up” approach to our work, gathering opinions from leading industry-based and academic commentators, across the seven global sector groups.

In addition, this year for the first time we conducted a second wave of research that comprised a large-sample survey of companies and governments in 15 countries to rank the risks and opportunities, obtain forecasts on whether these challenges would be more or less important in 2013 and discover how leading organizations in each of the seven sectors are responding to these challenges.

Report highlights

  • Top 10 risks: Significant shifts in the cost/accessibility of capital ranked as the number one risk for the power and utilities sector — higher than any of the other sectors surveyed.
  • Top 10 opportunities: Rising emerging market demand ranked as number one opportunity for power and utilities sector.

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Ben Van Gils
Global sector leader, power and utilities
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