Talent at the table: index of women in power & utilities

Talent at the table

Index of women in power and utilities

EY - Women in power and utilities
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Our second Women in P&U index analyzes gender diversity in the boardrooms of the world’s largest 200 utilities by revenue. This year our index shows a very small increase in the number of women at the top in executive board positions (5%, up from 4% last year) but a lower percentage of total board members (both executive and non-executive directors) overall (14%, down from 15% last year). Change must accelerate for utilities realize the financial benefits that diversity brings.

EY - Glacial pace of change

Glacial pace of change

Fewer women in the P&U boardrooms in 2015

In our most recent index, women represent 5% of board executives and 14% of board members in P&U. The sector can’t afford to go backwards – to reap the rewards of more diverse boards, change must accelerate.

EY - The top 20

The top 20

Eskom, Duke and Sempra head the list for gender diversity

We ranked the top 200 global utilities to determine who vested the most decision-making power in their female leaders

EY - Don't ignore the evidence

Regional top performers

For the 2015 index, we expanded the number of utilities we analyzed from the top 100 to the top 200, giving us a list of the top 3 utilities for gender diversity from each region.

EY - P&U is transforming

Gender parity

It’s time to accelerate change

The industry currently has 14% female board members: how long will it take to reach gender parity in P&U?

EY - Don't ignore the evidence

Don’t ignore the evidence

More women in the boardroom = better business performance

“In any complex business environment, companies with a strong representation of women on their boards increase their chances to outperform competitors.” - Marie-José Nadeau, Chair of World Energy Council and EVP of Corporate Affairs, Hydro-Québec

EY - P&U is transforming

P&U is transforming

Why yesterday’s business models won’t work anymore

“Whether you are state-owned or liberalized, in a developed or developing economy, don’t let the P&U transformation leave you behind.” - Alison Kay, Global Power & Utilities Leader, EY

EY - Diversity: P&U versus other industries

Diversity: P&U versus other industries

How does P&U compare to other sectors?

In our survey, the power and utilities sector fares better for gender diversity than other infrastructure-specific industries, but lags behind consumer services and consumer goods.

EY - A seat at the table

A seat at the table

How 6 women leaders made it to the top

Three joined P&U after working in another sector, two after a legal career, and one from academic research. Two began their careers as engineers.