P&U versus other industries

EY - Diversity: P&U versus other industries
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Across all industries, companies are struggling to meet the 25% to 40% diversity targets set by governments. In our survey, the power and utilities (P&U) sector fares better for gender diversity than other infrastructure-specific industries, such as telecommunications, oil & gas and mining. However, it lags behind consumer services and consumer goods.

EY - Diversity: P&U versus other industries

When you strip out non-executive directors from these numbers, and consider the fact that only 4% of executive board members in P&U are female, it is clear there is still a long way to go to reach the desired levels.

Figures from our Index can only present a picture of diversity in the sector at a given time. We hope it helps to trigger a discussion among today’s P&U leaders on the current state of gender equality and diversity.

Recruitment of the next generation of employees, and promotion of future P&U leaders, will need to draw from a wider pool than it has in the past. Countries around the world have begun taking action, and there are many practical steps that utilities are taking to encourage promising female talent.

The next phase of our commitment to diversity in P&U is to consider what the sector is and should be doing to improve diversity and to build a more robust pipeline of future women leaders.

If you serve on a board or senior management team of a large P&U company and would like to take part, or to nominate someone to take part, please contact us.

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EY - Diversity: P&U versus other industries

Source: PwC (Mining for Talent 2014) and EY’s Women in power and utilities index