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Infrastructure 2012: spotlight on leadership

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1 Source: S&P Capital IQ, 11 April 2012

In developed economies the era of massive, transformative infrastructure investments may be over.

M&A maturity average scores:

M&A maturity average scores

Infrastructure is a long-term proposition, but decisions about what infrastructure to build and how to pay for it are being made every day.

Our annual report, produced with the Urban Land Institute, highlights examples of global infrastructure projects.

Take a closer look:

In mature, developed economies, including the United States and many countries in Europe, the era of massive, transformative infrastructure investments—the kind that shape national economies and drive markets for decades—may be over.

In its place is an era of more fine-grained infrastructure investment, one where regional transit systems are being built or expanded, where pedestrian and bicycle networks are getting connected and where land use is a key consideration.

Now more than ever, new approaches and new kinds of leadership are needed to connect infrastructure to values and to make clear its benefits.

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Infrastructure 2012: spotlight on leadership

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