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Inside Telecommunications: July-September 2011 - EY - Global

July to September 2011

Inside Telecommunications

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Jonathan Dharmapalan
Global Telecommunications Leader
Adrian Baschnonga
Global Telecommunications Senior Analyst
Steve Lo
Global Telecommunications Center: Beijing
Holger Forst
Global Telecommunications Center: Cologne
Prashant Singhai
Global Telecommunications Center: Delhi
Serge Thiemele
Global Telecommunications Center: Johannesburg
Wasim Khan
Global Telecommunications Center: Riyadh
Mike Stoltz
Global Telecommunications Center: San Antonio

Many eyes remain on regulatory announcements, whether in the context of merger approvals or spectrum auctions.

Welcome to the third edition of Inside Telecommunications, our review of the most significant developments in the telecommunications sector each quarter. It has been a busy period for the industry, with plenty of news about new services, devices and regulatory proposals. In this issue, we delve into a number of hot topics, from the latest operator developments in cloud services to mobile application users' privacy concerns.

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Jonathan Dharmapalan
Global Telecommunications Leader


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