EY - Macro insights for your business planning

Macro insights for your business planning

Your questions, our answers

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Do you need a better understanding of external factors that influence your business, performance and strategies? Do you want to be able to investigate and compare the markets that interest you the most?

Our macro reports will give you a strong basis for your strategic business decisions. Our analysis and comparison of markets includes:

  • Forecasts of major segments
  • Insights on foreign direct investment trends
  • Commentary on key macro factors that will affect your business, such as the labor market, demographics, legal and social conditions

Explore our latest macroeconomic and investment surveys

EY - Eurozone

Low oil prices to drive Eurozone recovery

The Eurozone moves into 2015 aided by two important growth drivers: sharply lower oil prices and quantitative easing. Learn more in the EY Eurozone Forecast.

EY - The Eurozone, country by country

The Eurozone, country by country

Our interactive map lets you explore the fiscal trends country by country. Get quick highlights or download a detailed country report to learn more.

EY - Eurozone countries over 6 years

Interactive tool: Eurozone countries over 6 years

Don’t miss our dynamic Eurochart, which lets you compare 19 Eurozone countries over a 6-year period. See how countries measure up on unemployment, debt and more.

EY - Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast: July 2014

Rapid-growth market cities: powerhouses of growth

Growth potential is highest in markets experiencing rapid urbanization and adopting new technologies, according to our latest Rapid-Growth Markets Forecast.

EY - Videos on the Eurozone

Videos on the Eurozone

Watch our webcasts or tune in to our audio podcasts on the latest economic and political developments affecting the Eurozone.

EY - European attractiveness survey 2014

Europe is back in the game

Europe attracted record foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2013 despite the tough economic climate of recent years, according to our 2014 European Attractiveness Survey.

EY - Rapid Growth Markets February 2014

Rising wealth in rapid-growth markets

A young population across our 25 rapid-growth markets, growing in wealth, will drive a changing pattern of world consumption

EY - Explore our Attractiveness surveys

Explore our Attractiveness surveys

Our Attractiveness surveys are designed to help businesses to make investment decisions and governments to improve business environment. We analyze both the reality and perception of a market.

EY Videos from the Emerging Markets Center

Videos from the Emerging Markets Center

Browse dozens of videos that will fill you on our latest Attractiveness Surveys, RGM forecasts and more.

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