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For over a decade our surveys have been widely recognized by business leaders, the media and major public stakeholders as a key source of insight on FDI.

EY - Malta attractivness survey 20152015 Malta attractiveness survey
Foreign investor’s confidence in Malta’s attractiveness is high and rising. They are drawn by its political, legal and regulatory stability and the legislative framework.

EY - EY 2015 Africa attractiveness survey2015 Africa attractiveness survey
Our 2015 Africa attractiveness survey – Making choices, reveals that Africa’s share of foreign direct investment (FDI) value increases despite the falling number of investment projects in Africa.

EY - EY 2015 European attractiveness survey2015 European attractiveness survey
In 2014, Europe attracted US$305b of investment funding, up 36% from 2013. It’s projected that Europe’s attractiveness will improve further over the next five years.

EY - EY 2015 Germany attractiveness survey2015 Germany attractiveness survey
In 2014, the number of investment projects increased in Germany as well as the number of jobs thus created. Foreign investors realized 763 projects, 9% more than last year and a new record.

EY - EY 2015 scotland attractiveness survey2015 Scotland attractiveness survey
In 2014 Scotland secured its third best year on record for Foreign Direct Investment : 80 project, with scientific research, financial services and manufacturing flying the flag.

EY - EY 2015 france attractiveness survey2015 France attractiveness survey
The performance of the website France in 2014 rose sharply this year. With 608 projects from all sectors and backgrounds, it even exceeds its pre-crisis levels.

EY - EY 2014 Portuguese attractiveness surveyEY 2014 Portuguese attractiveness survey
Foreign investors' perception of Portugal is at an all-time high. Additionally, 67% of them see Portugal's attractiveness improving over the next three years.

EY - Switzerland attractiveness survey 2014Switzerland attractiveness survey 2014: "Setting standards"
Foreign Direct Investments increased once again in 2013. Switzerland's strengths make it an excellent business location.

EY - Emerging markets impact Europe's FDIEmerging markets impact Europe's FDI
In this extract from our 2014 European attractiveness survey, we take a closer look at the role that emerging markets have played in Europe’s FDI story.

EY - 2014  Malta attractiveness survey2014 Malta attractiveness survey
Our report paints a favorable picture of Malta: over 79% of investors indicate that the country is attractive for FDI and offers significant investment opportunities.

2014 Netherlands attractiveness survey: "Stable and strong"
Netherlands is still considered as a safe investment place. With 161 projects, the number of foreign direct investment projects remained the same as last year.

2014 Kazakhstan attractiveness survey: "The brand paves the way"
Investor confidence in Kazakhstan's potential is at an all-time high this year. Discover what makes this country attractive and what actions can enable further growth.

2014 UK attractiveness survey: "Winning the race for inward investment"
Inward investment into the UK rose 15% last year, as it remains Europe's number one destination for global investors.

2014 Scotland attractiveness survey: "UK's number one FDI destination outside London"
In 2013 Scotland attracted 82 global FDI projects – an 8% increase on 2012 and only six short of 1997's record 88

2014 European attractiveness survey: "Back in the game"
The Eurozone's recession finally came to an end in the second quarter of 2013, businesses have begun to see growth and profits again, and boards are approving investment proposals.

2014 France attractiveness survey: "Act and convince"
France recorded a slight increase of 9% in the number of foreign investment projects and seems to have reversed the downward trend since 2010.

2014 Germany attractiveness survey: "Germany on the fast lane"
"Made in Germany" products are very popular in many countries worldwide. As a consequence, Germany improved its position in the world ranking from six to four.

2014 Africa attractiveness survey : "Executing growth"
The perception of Africa as attractive investment region has made a dramatic improvement. And although the figures show a somewhat more muted progress, there are many encouraging developments.

2014 India attractiveness survey : "Enabling the prospects"
India remains one of the top global destinations for foreign investment, despite recent headwinds. The main drivers are its solid domestic market, an educated workforce and competitive labor.


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