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For over a decade our surveys have been widely recognized by business leaders, the media and major public stakeholders as a key source of insight on FDI.

2013 Portuguese attractiveness survey : "Reforms boost investment opportunities"
Investors perceive Portugal as more attractive than Europe as a whole, with recent reform programs. Learn more in our 2013 Portuguese attractiveness survey.

2014 India attractiveness survey : "Enabling the prospects"
India remains one of the top global destinations for foreign investment, despite recent headwinds. The main drivers are its solid domestic market, an educated workforce and competitive labor.

EY - 2013 FranceGermany attractiveness survey2013 France/Germany attractiveness survey 
This edition compares both economies : french and german as they are perceived by international investors.

2013 Kazakhstan attractiveness survey : "Unlocking value"
Foreign investors perceive Kazakhstan as a shelter from the economic turmoil and an investment destination that offers stability and assurance. Discover why from our report.

2013 Russia attractiveness survey: "Shaping Russia's future"
Russia continues to draw investors from all over the world, who rank it the sixth-most attractive country in the world for FDI. Discover why.

2013 European attractiveness survey: "Coping with the crisis, the European way"
2012 was a very difficult year for Europe. Yet, this year’s study shows that tough times have not destroyed investors’ faith in the continent.

2013 UK attractiveness survey: "No room for complacency"
Throughout the past decade, the UK has remained Europe’s top recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) projects. It retained this position in 2012, securing more investments and a higher market share of projects across Europe than in 2011.

2013 Scotland attractiveness survey: "No room for complacency"
In 2012 Scotland attracted 76 global Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects – its highest total for 15 years.

2013 France attractiveness survey: "Last call"
While Europe has recorded a slight decline of FDI projects, France has declined sharply, in terms of projects and job creation.

2013 Germany attractiveness survey: "Made in Germany“ faces strong demand"
Germany continues its leadership position in Europe. In the ranking of the world's most attractive locations, Germany is ranked 6th behind the BRIC countries and the US.

2013 Netherlands attractiveness survey
The Netherlands almost managed to maintain the high number of foreign investment projects from 2011, and there are still more chances in R&D and sustainability.

2013 Belgium attractiveness survey: "Call to action"
Belgium retains a high score as an attractive investment location in 2012, however job creation lags behind. French version | Dutch version

2013 Turkey attractiveness survey: "The shift, the growth and the promise"
In recent years, Turkey has overcome a series of political and economic challenges and is now enjoying a period of stable and solid economic growth.

2013 Africa attractiveness survey: "Getting down to business"
Despite some ongoing skepticism, the past decade has been one of robust and sustained growth in Africa. Learn more.

European attractiveness survey : "2012 performance and 2013 prospects"
Europe remains mired in an economic crisis characterized by debt, unemployment and poor growth. And there is little sign of a resolution.

2012 European attractiveness survey : "Growth, actually"
Europe is at a crossroads. Recession has once again returned to haunt many economies. The Eurozone crisis continues and the dynamics of the global economy grind relentlessly onwards from west to east, and north to south.

2012 Middle East attractiveness survey : "Shifting perspectives"
In 2011, the Middle East attracted headlines because of the Arab Spring. However, that did not stop global companies from initiating projects in the region. In 2011, foreign business leaders invested in 928 new projects in the Middle East, 7.8% more than in 2010

2012 Brazil attractiveness survey : "Capturing the momentum"
Brazil leads the attractiveness scores in Latin America, according to our first Brazil attractiveness survey. Almost 7 out of 10 business leaders declare the country as the most attractive place to establish operations.

2012 Africa attractiveness survey : "Building Bridges"
Our second edition of Africa Attractiveness builds on the theme of the African growth story, while emphasising the need to bridge a perception gap that continues to exist among many potential investors not yet doing business on the continent.

2012 France Attractiveness survey : "Objectif monde"
French total of investments fell to 540 from 562 in 2011. France, who was in second place last year, was overtaken by Germany who secured 579 FDI projects in 2011.

2012 India attractiveness survey : "Ready for transition"
Foreign investors see India as an attractive investment option, despite the uncertain global economic climate, according to the second edition of our Indian Attractiveness Survey.

2012 Russia attractiveness survey: "Positioned for growth"
In 2011, Russia took a step forward in the global competition to attract FDI, according to our second Russia attractiveness survey. A boost in consumption, a strong labor market and an increase in investments are the prime drivers of this growth.

2012 Netherlands attractiveness survey : "The Netherlands, increasingly attractive"
In our annual study on foreign direct investments in the Netherlands, the figures show a record of 170 direct crossborder investments in the Netherlands by foreign companies and the country ranks fifth among the top.

2012 Kazakhstan attractiveness survey : "Bridging the perception gap"
The substantial difference in the responses of investors who have established activities in Kazakhstan versus those who have not suggests that many international investors still have insufficient awareness of Kazakhstan's business and economic environment.

EY Portuguese Attractiveness Survey 2012
EY's attractiveness program examines the attractiveness of Portugal and foreign direct investment (FDI).

2012 Belgium attractiveness survey

French version | Dutch version

EY's attractiveness program examines the attractiveness of specific regions and countries for foreign direct investment (FDI).

2012 germany attractiveness survey : "A pillar of strength in troubled times ?"
A pillar of strength in troubled times? - EY's 2012 attractiveness survey

2012 UK attractiveness survey : "Staying ahead of the game"
Staying ahead of the game - EY's 2012 attractiveness survey UK


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