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Trading placesWhere are economic prospects brightest?

Asia is a must if you want to survive.

Business leaders seeking to channel their investments toward the most prosperous markets should heed the clear message from our interviews with senior executives that Asia is increasingly seen as the region that will dominate world trade by 2020.

2020 vision: regional patterns of trade

Asia is a must, specifically China and India

The chief economist for a large European-based global manufacturer noted that an increased number of their key management meetings were now held in Asia as a signal of its importance — being in "Asia is a must if you want to survive," he contended.

 Our survey results also suggest that the Asia Pacific region will continue to be an extremely competitive export platform, with nearly half of Asia-based companies expecting to export more than 60% of their output in five years’ time compared with fewer than a fifth of companies in the Americas.

A key result is that India and China will drive the continued rise of the rapid-growth markets and, together, these economies will become more important to global trade than the US and Eurozone.

The emergence of new economic superpowers will lead to a resurgence in the concentration of global demand and will be an important consideration for exporters when making strategic plans for the coming decade.

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