EY - Megatrends that will shape our future

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Megatrends that will shape our future

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At EY, we describe megatrends as large, transformative global forces that define the future by having a far-reaching impact on business, economies, industries, societies, and individuals. We live in a world in constant motion. Goods, capital, and labor are traveling globally at a faster pace than ever and moving in novel patterns.

Technological innovation, including digital, is rewriting every industry and the way in which human beings manage their lives. In this world, the ever-increasing acceleration of change is one of the few constants.

EY has identified six megatrends. We think that each has the present and future capacity to disrupt and reshape the world in which we live in surprising and unexpected ways.

EY - Megatrends 2015

With each megatrend, we present a set of observations and facts designed to cover what we deem to be the most important and interesting aspects. While each stands on its own, there is clear interactivity. In total, they provide a “best guess” from where we sit today as to how these megatrends might unfold in the future.

As with any exercise of this type, we don’t claim to have a crystal ball. We do, however, believe in the fundamental importance of thinking critically about the implications embedded in these megatrends today, as well as scanning the horizon for new developments. For EY, the megatrends process is one of the key ways in which we gain insights that inform our mission of building a better working world.

The process helps us to better understand the challenges and opportunities that our clients face so that we can effectively respond to their shifting needs. In this spirit, EY invites you to peruse this report to consider how these megatrends might also be impacting your business, your partners and your customers — opening up new opportunities to achieve adaptation, growth, and success in the near- and longer-term future.

EY - Uschi Schreiber

Uschi Schreiber
EY Global Vice Chair
Markets and Chair, Global Accounts Committee