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Growth through innovation - EYInnovation - A series about achieving growth through innovation - EY - Global

Innovating for growth: a spiral approach to business model innovation


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A series about achieving growth through innovation

EYInnovation - Issue 1EYInnovation, Issue 1

Regulation is a driver of innovation. This case study on changing sectors offers insights and recommendations for innovative companies.

EYInnovation - Issue 2EYInnovation, Issue 2

Technological advances have created a level playing field for companies of all sizes and origins in the global market. Read five insights on the value of technology innovation.

EYInnovation - Issue 3EYInnovation, Issue 3

Companies that innovate their business model are more likely to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Find out more.

EYInnovation - Issue 3EYInnovation, Issue 4

Innovation has evolved into an iterative approach enriched by socialization and intuition, which encompasses new forms of non-traditional collaboration with external stakeholders, and a more actively engaged customer base.

EYInnovation - Issue 3EYInnovation, Issue 5

Innovation is not a strategy, it's a way of being. For strategic innovation to happen you need to align leadership mindset, organizational culture and new approaches to evaluation and measurement.




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EY - Growth through innovation - A spiral approach to business model innovation

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