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Growth through innovation: a spiral approach to business model innovation

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Understanding the customer is the top priority in strategic innovation. Social media enables companies to use this understanding to achieve a deeper level of engagement.

In the coming weeks, we'll take the debate on Innovation onto social media.

Each week we'll be updating this page with an overview of the social media conversation. Join in today.

September 24, 2012

Last week, we launched our innovation report online and started an online conversation. To get the conversation going we had an open debate focused around the report and we had some great tweets come through using #EYInnovation.

For example, Navi Radjou provides us with this insight "successful companies innovate their business model not just once but again and again".

Herb Engert also mentioned that "Innovation isn't linear, it's a continuous and dynamic cycle, while Wolfgang Lehmacher told us "Innovation has to become part of our every day business life".

When we asked what does it take for a business to be innovative, Matthew Benson answered “passion and confidence. Then it’s motivation. Daniel Pink summarises it best (autonomy, mastery and purpose).

We are now going to concentrate on weekly topics, which will allow us to focus more deeply on specific parts of our report. We start this process by talking about regulation - the pitfalls and opportunities that accompany it.

You can join us on Twitter using the hashtag #EYInnovation, follow @EY_Growth and join us on LinkedIn at

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EY - Growth through innovation - A spiral approach to business model innovation

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