Funding and asset backed solutions: UK pensions masterclass series

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In this series of webcasts on issues facing pension schemes in the UK, our panel will discuss the current funding issues UK defined benefit pension schemes face, along with the technical and legal challenges to be overcome when putting in place an asset backed funding solution.

With deficits remaining stubbornly high and many sponsors of UK defined benefit schemes reluctant to commit cash in the short term, sponsors are often looking to more innovative ways to fund their deficit. As a result, the importance of both assessing the size of the funding deficit and how to meet that deficit has risen up the company’s agenda.

This webcast aims to help you:

  • develop your understanding of the current challenges and flexibility in assessing the funding deficit
  • identify the range of funding solutions
  • provide a detailed discussion on how asset backed funding solutions work in practice

We hope by the end of the webcast you will start to have a feel for how accessible asset backed funding solutions have become and whether or not they could be worthy of further consideration.

The program is designed to be particular interest to those with a detailed working interest in defined benefit pension schemes including scheme trustees, finance directors and pension managers.