Leases re-exposed (Live)

Hosted by EY’s Global IFRS Services

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The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued their second leases exposure draft (ED) in May 2013. The Boards’ original ED was issued in August 2010. 

Based on the comments received and the views expressed in comment letters, the Boards made significant changes to the proposed accounting for leases and decided to re-expose the leases proposals. The revised ED varies from the original ED in many areas including the definition of a lease, the classification of leases, the accounting for leases by lessees and lessors, as well as the determination of lease term and lease payments.

In this webcast, a panel of professionals from the IASB staff and EY network will describe the revised ED and provide some practical knowledge to help financial statement users and preparers. The panellists will also explore some of the complexities in implementing revised ED and highlight key judgements that management would be required to make in order to apply it.

This webcast will help CFOs, controllers and investors understand the revised ED and plan for drafting their comment letters to the Boards.


Patrina Buchanan

Ernst & Young LLP

Patrina Buchanan is a Technical Principal at the IASB located in London. She specialises in Leases and is one of the authors of the Leases Exposure Directive.

Dan Knightly

Ernst & Young LLP

Dan Knightly is a Partner in our US professional practice group based in Boston, Massachusetts. Dan is the chair of EY’s global leases subject matter group.

Leo van der Tas

Ernst & Young LLP

Leo van der Tas is EY’s IFRS Technical Director and chair of EY’s IFRS Policy Committee. Leo is a Partner in our Netherlands practice and a member of Global IFRS Services located in London.

Christoph Piesbergen

Ernst & Young LLP

Christoph Piesbergen is executive director at the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa IFRS desk of EY in Hamburg. Among his areas of focus are; accounting for intangible assets, leasing, impairment tests and real estate. Christoph is on standby to present in case of travel delays affecting any other presenters listed here.


Victoria O’Leary

Ernst & Young LLP

Victoria O’Leary is a partner in EY’s Global IFRS Services group located in London and is also a member of EY’s leases subject matter group and our real estate sector group.