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Intangible property planning for business structuring

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Intangible Property (IP) is on everyone's mind at the moment.

It is necessary for tax professionals not only to be aware of the changes afoot, but also to actively engage in IP planning — in particular aligning the substance requirements as part of the IP planning.

To properly underpin the IP in your company, join this webcast to gain a better understanding of IP models, substance requirements, issues and other key considerations

Our team of professionals in tax and tax effective supply chain management will address the following questions:

  • Why should companies reconsider how they manage their IP now?
  • What are typical models for managing IP in Asia and what role does substance play in underpinning these models?
  • What tax incentives are available for IP in key jurisdictions in Asia?
  • What are the structuring and holding considerations for IP planning, the considerations and risks?