EY - Best practices for managing operational tax risk

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Best practices for managing operational tax risk

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This webcast is currently being prepared for on-demand viewing and will be available on this site soon.

Increased reputational, legislative and enforcement risk are putting additional pressure on tax resources, processes and technology for businesses large and small.

Every company has to deal with operational tax risk. Few do so with absolute certainty or complete confidence in a fast-changing landscape.

In the second report of our 2014 Tax Risk and Controversy Survey series, we highlight sources of operational risk and describe leading practices companies may want to institute to help achieve regulatory compliance while driving business performance.

Join our panel of professionals as we discuss key findings and drivers of increased operational risk:

  • 68% of survey respondents say there are insufficient resources to cover tax function activities
  • 62% of the largest companies surveyed have either created or refreshed their tax risk policy in the last two years
  • Only 25% of companies say their internal controls are documented in all jurisdictions, regardless of whether or not it is required by regulators
  • Only 19% of respondents use dedicated software tools to enable and support Notice Information/Data Request and Tax Audit Management. The remainder use email, spreadsheets or no technology at all

How does your company compare? To find out, register for our webcast.