Aiming for the top

A guide for aspiring COOs and their organizations

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How did the world’s leading COOs work their way to the top? What kind of experiences, education and background is most typical for these leaders in various key industries? What core skills are most valuable in each of these sectors? And what can aspiring COOs do to go about attaining the capabilities described?

For five key sectors, respectively consumer products, financial services, life sciences, oil and gas, power and utilities, we profile three skills from this list that will be an especially high priority for future COOs as well as the career paths of exemplary COOs - each of the individuals and companies are leaders in their respective industries, drawn from a shortlist of the largest global organizations. You can find out more in the industry booklet Routes to the top: how to develop industry specific skills that showcases the core skills that COOs will need to develop, along with insight on how to go about acquiring them.

Exemplary COO career paths