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Integrated reporting: driving value - Overview - EY - Global

Integrated reporting: driving value

Identifying opportunities for value creation

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Integrated reporting is driving value by combining financial and non-financial information into a single, investor-grade document.

Globalization, advanced communications and interdependencies have increased the complexities of business in the 21st century.

Combined with pressing environmental and social challenges, businesses face profound big-picture pressures, including increased investor and stakeholder expectations about reporting of non-financial and financial information, both needed to understand an organization’s true value.

In a rush to satisfy and comply, many companies have reacted with “more is more” reporting strategies to provide this information, creating reporting fatigue.

Integrated reporting provides context to financial and non-financial information and goals. It connects strategies with the organization’s commitment to the long-term stewardship of material environmental, social and economic issues.

Our series, 5: insights for executives, explores the questions:

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Answers to your questions, at a glance
5: insights for executives series asks five questions to get to the core of an issue — and answers them at a glance.

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