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Integrated reporting: driving value

What’s the fix?

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Integrated reporting: connecting fi nancial and non-fi nancial information to your overall business model

Integrated reporting: connecting fi nancial and non-fi nancial information to your overall business model

Design and implement robust processes and controls that support credible, high-quality reporting.

There are four initial steps toward implementing integrated reporting:

  1. Define your desired state.
    Determine what integrated reporting means to your company. Frame your business goals, vision, and environmental and social objectives with capital opportunities and risks.
  2. Assess material issues.
    Complete a thorough materiality analysis to determine what integrated reporting risks and opportunities are important to company leadership, investors and stakeholders. Prioritize their responses to determine the material issues and related business strategies.
  3. Compare current state against integrated reporting definitions.
    Evaluate integrated reporting practices, and select the methods that best fit your organization. Mirror the quality, processes and controls of these leading companies and organizations.
  4. Create a road map.
    Prioritize reporting on the environmental, social and fiscal activities and projects that further an organization’s ability to create and preserve value. Engage leadership, investors and stakeholders to prioritize projects that best ensure ROI and communicate successes with an external audience.

Implement integrated reporting

Leverage existing reporting processes by integrating financial and non-financial material into a single, integrated report that connects:

  • Sustainable business practices
  • Tangible and intangible assets
  • Material financial and non-financial capital risks and opportunities
  • Short-, medium- and long-term value creation and preservation

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