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Is your control environment costing too much - How does it affect you - EY - Global

Is your control environment costing too much?

How does it affect you?

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Duplication of risk and control activity

Duplication of risk and control activity

Our experience shows that when most organizations undergo significant change, the realignment of internal controls either lags behind or fails to align completely.

Over time, this can lead to:

  • Duplication of internal controls, overcontrolled or under-controlled areas
  • Material impact on other business processes
  • Outdated, inefficient practices
  • Underutilization of application controls
  • Inconsistent practices across the enterprise
  • Time-consuming assurance audits and long financial close cycles

CFOs also face competing pressures:

  • Keep the company safe by ensuring that its controls environment is robust and meets the expanding requirements of stakeholders
  • Stimulate growth, particularly in developing markets, by being more agile and cost-effective

However, overly cumbersome business processes are not delivering the agility that organizations require in the changing business climate.

Risk & Control Activity

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