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Plugging the $100 million gap - EY - Global

Plugging the $100 million gap

Using supply chain operations to improve business performance

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Supply chain operations can play a critical role in improving margins and serving as a catalyst for growth.

"I have a $100 million budget gap. How do I improve my operating performance enough to bridge that gap?" asked a participant at a recent EY roundtable.

Operations executives often believe they have squeezed as much cost from their operations as they can. Yet, to meet shareholder demands, finance executives are making aggressive performance promises that operations functions are expected to keep.

To achieve these results, operations executives need to

  • Fundamentally rethink what, how and where work gets done
  • Reach beyond their own department to understand how each business unit operates.

By taking a more holistic view of business performance, operations executives can make transformational changes that will drive the improvements they seek.

Our series, 5: insights for executives, explores the questions:

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