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Plugging the $100 million gap - Why now? - EY - Global

Plugging the $100 million gap

Why now?

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"As organizations look to increase margins and expand into new markets, it only makes sense to define core business strategies in terms of their supply chains." Brian Meadows, Americas Advisory Supply Chain & Operations Leader at EY

Although profitability is returning following the economic downturn, top-line growth remains elusive — and by most forecasts, it may remain so for the foreseeable future.

Organizations are rethinking their supply chain models to achieve the next generation of productivity gains, due to:

  • Slow sales growth
  • Increasing costs
  • Pricing pressures

By becoming more of a strategic leader to the organization, supply chain operations can play a critical role in improving margins and serving as a catalyst for growth.

The next wave of supply chain innovation is defining the operations agenda, with a strategic focus on the operations that ultimately determine your company's ability to delight your customers.

It's very important to ensure that decisions necessary to close a "budget challenge" are made with an emphasis on how they will impact the customer.

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