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Technology risk management in a cyber world: a C-suite responsibility-Why now? - EY - Global

Technology risk management in a cyber world: a C-suite responsibility

Why now?

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Executive and board-level awareness of cyber risk appears to be at an all-time high — and growing.

Several recent high-profile, front-page-headline cyber attacks are serving as a wake-up call for the C-suite.

Executives are realizing, sometimes painfully, that cyber risk needs to be addressed in the boardroom and become a more mainstream part of the enterprise risk management discussion.

As executives are becoming more aware, so too are governments. Unimpressed by the lack of reasonable care that organizations are exercising when it comes to protecting intellectual property and personally identifiable information, governments are introducing a wave of legislation at the federal and state level that will have an impact on business.

Now is the time to broadly address IT risk management at the C-suite, to proactively address business risks and maintain compliance, be prepared for cyber breaches and enable technology to enhance business performance.

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