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This time it’s personal: from consumer to co-creator - Checklist: 12 considerations to engage your customers - EY - Global

This time it's personal: from consumer to co-creator Checklist: 12 areas to test if you are prepared

The digital revolution has transformed consumer expectations and behaviors.

To engage and satisfy today's more demanding consumers, businesses must transform themselves, as radically and as fast as possible, to offer a truly personalized service to their customers.

This metamorphosis cannot just be confined to the marketing and sales functions. Every link in an organization’s value chain must be aligned to delivering the brand promise:

  • Designing and developing products and services
  • Choosing the right supplier and guaranteeing quality
  • Developing the right customer communication strategy
  • Defining convenient distribution channels
  • Securing the optimum multi-channel experience
  • Delivering first-rate after-sales services

Ensuring that such end-to-end service is flawless is a tough challenge, on top of the other tough challenges that our survey highlights. However, the organizations that rise to this challenge, and by doing so develop true collaborative relationships with their customers, will be ones that prosper in the long term.

  1. Which internal and external market data do you use for tracking current consumer behavior and monitoring changes?
  2. How does your company stay attuned to future trends, both within and outside your market and sector? How much do you invest in resources to keep up with future developments?
  3. How do you engage in proactive customer dialogue – both listening and talking – in a style that suits them?
  4. How do you evaluate consumers’ buying patterns and their preferred communication channels? Which aspects do your consumers value in loyalty programs and in wider relationships?
  5. How do you link buying patterns to customer profitability and client segmentation?
  6. How do you define and communicate your brand promise to customers across all your communication channels? How do you measure the fulfillment of your brand promise and the consistency of quality?
  7. How successful are you in nurturing both the face-to-face consumer experience and the online interface? How do you manage this multi-channel challenge?
  8. Are your channels consistent in look, feel, quality and pricing? How do you ensure this?
  9. Do all elements or departments within your value chain work toward the same customer goals? How do you ensure that all departments have the same customer data?
  10. How do you focus on innovation, both internally and externally?
  11. Do you have regular stress tests in place that address all customer-facing functions and how, on diagnosing pain points, do you create robust roadmaps for transformation?
  12. How deeply have you thought about creating an end-to-end customer experience by aligning your whole value chain to the development of collaborative partnerships with customers?


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