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In today’s uncertain economic times, the most successful organisations recognise that it is crucial to build and maintain the confidence of their stakeholders. By telling their performance story effectively and consistently to the investment community, regulators, commentators and customers, they earn support for growth and change.

While the empirical record of performance delivered through financial reports is central, effective reporting goes well beyond the numbers. Our Growing Beyond research shows that companies which consistently outperform their peers spend more time and attention explaining their business strategy, risk assessments, environmental performance and contribution to the societies of which they are part.

Reporting magazine brings together insights and ideas which we believe will interest and inform business executives who are involved in reporting in its broadest sense.

The theme of existing and future risks features prominently and is explored in many of the articles in this edition:

Rethinking global risks: What are the unexpected risks that companies should be watching for over the next few years?

Cyber security: the challenge: How should businesses respond to the growing threat of cybercrime? We explore how companies should protect and defend their intellectual property and commercially sensitive information.

The dangers of groupthink: The psychological phenomenon of groupthink can be particularly damaging for boards. It can stifle innovation and independent thinking. How does it develop, and what can be done to combat it?

Plus contributions from:

  • Fabienne Lecorvaisier of Air Liquide describes the importance of clarity and preparation when reporting to the board
  • International non-executive director, Jackson Tai, shares his perspective on how to improve governance and corporate decision making
  • The four managing directors of Wall Street’s Tweedy, Browne describe the firms tried and tested investment approach