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Issue 1
Reporting magazine Issue 1 
November 2011
In this first issue we examined:
  • The impact that release of sensitive information through combination of technology and activism and organisations such as Wikileaks could have on corporate transparency
  • The pressure on companies to disclose senior executive pay
  • How annual reports could be made more valuable
  • The challenges of reporting under Islamic Finance
  • Plus interviews with Hans Hoogervorst, the new chairman of IASB, Guylaine Saucier, Audit Committee Chair of Areva, Danone and Wendel, Julie Meyer, CEO of Ariadne Capital, Hugh Young - Asia Managing Director of Aberdeen Asset Management and R Sankaraiah, Executive Director of Jubilant Life Sciences, a rapidly growing pharmaceutical and life sciences company.
Issue 1
Issue 2
Reporting magazine Issue 2 
April 2012
In this issue we examined:
  • The growing drive to report on human capital reporting
  • How to prepare a compelling investor roadshow for different parts of the world
  • Why it’s important to take a strategic approach to sustainability-related risks
  • How an effective finance function has become a source of competitor advantage for global companies
Issue 2
Issue 3
Reporting magazine Issue 3 
July 2012
In this issue we examined:
  • The "business of sport"- how do sports clubs account for the ever changing value of their stars?
  • Board diversity - the benefits and initiatives that aim to increase it
  • The implications of new IFRS standards on group reporting
  • Kazakhstan as an investment destination
EY Reporting magazine, issue 3
Issue 4
Reporting magazine Issue 4 
November 2012
In this issue we examined:
  • Responsible capitalism: Ethical business models and the forms responsible capitalism takes
  • Risk: How business leaders can take a forward-looking view of strategic risk
  • Exiting the Eurozone: The implications for corporate reporters should a country be forced to leave the single currency
  • Emerging markets: Brazil's potential as an investment market
EY Reporting Magazine Issue 4
Issue 5
Reporting magazine Issue 5 
March 2013
In this issue we examined:
  • Running dry: As demand for water begins to outpace supply the second in our series on systemic risks examines the issues global business are facing and how they are tackling them.
  • How much is an idea worth? Patents are big business but assessing their worth and then quantifying that value in financial statements is far from straight forward.
  • Remuneration in the spotlight: Growing shareholder influence is forcing remuneration committees to be more transparent, and to ensure that executive pay drives long-term sustainable value.
  • The importance of insight: How can disclosures be improved and is disclosure reduction really the central issue


EY Reporting Magazine Issue 5
Issue 6
Reporting magazine Issue 6 
October 2013
In this issue we examined:
  • Rethinking global risks: What are the unexpected risks that companies should be watching for over the next few years?
  • Cyber security: the challenge: How should businesses respond to the growing threat of cybercrime?
  • The dangers of groupthink: The psychological phenomenon of groupthink can be particularly damaging for boards. How does it develop, and what can be done to combat it?


EY Reporting Magazine Issue 6
Issue 7
Reporting magazine Issue 7 
May 2014
In this issue we examined:
  • Risk — looking beyond the obvious: The process of risk management has changed considerably over the last decade. Christian Mouillon, our Global Managing Partner Risk Management, looks at lessons learned from the financial crisis and suggests how executives and boards need to broaden their outlooks.
  • Aligning reporting for greater transparency: Should you align your management information with your financial statements? This article looks at the benefits and challenges of taking this path towards improving transparency and communication.
  • The digital difference: The growth of digital communications has given companies many new options for communicating their financial and business information. We investigate the trends.
  • 5 things I’ve learned: Lucinda Bell, Group Finance Director of FTSE 100 company British Land, shares lessons from 23 years’ experience in stakeholder communications.


EY Reporting Magazine Issue 7

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