EY - Reporting: Issue 8
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Organizations that succeed in today's uncertain economic times are often ones that have invested in building and maintaining the confidence of their stakeholders. By telling their performance story effectively and consistently to the investment community, regulators, commentators and customers, they earn support for growth and change.

While financial reports are undeniably critical to sharing a performance record, effective reporting goes well beyond the numbers. Increasingly, stakeholders want to know about a company's business strategy, risk assessments, environmental performance and community contributions.

Reporting magazine brings together insights and ideas that we believe will interest, inform and inspire business leaders involved in reporting in its broadest sense.

Features in the current issue include:

It's all about results: Corporate sponsorship has become a highly sophisticated field. We examine the different ways of measuring and evaluating the ultimate value of a sponsorship deal.

Why ethics matter: An ethical reputation is important for any company. We discuss what constitutes ethical behavior in business and how it can be measured and encouraged.

Chain reaction: New regulations designed to identify sources of conflict minerals have forced companies to evaluate their supply chains. The results of the first year of reporting suggest that many companies underestimated how much work that would involve.

The persuader: Ana de Pro, CFO of global travel technology company Amadeus IT Group, has had a varied career, encompassing roles ranging from auditing and financial control to marketing and investor relations. Ana talks through her career and explains her approach to telling a company's performance story.

My wish list: Maurizio Lauri, who chairs the board of statutory auditors for Italian banking giant UniCredit, shares his thoughts on what can be done to improve corporate governance and communication.

5 things I've learned: Gordon Naylor brings skills honed during assignments in the US, the UK, Austria, Ireland and Switzerland to the boardroom of Melbourne-based CSL. Here, the global biotechnology firm's CFO shares wisdom he has acquired in the course of his career.

The buy side: Adrian Lim, senior investment manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, explains his firm's approach to the unique issues that face those who are considering investing in Japan.