Strategic Growth Markets

Helping your business grow, fast.

Entrepreneurs represent the best hope of creating sustained economic growth around the world.

Growing a business is like going on a journey. Whatever stage you’ve reached, we can help you take the next step.

Over the past three decades, we have worked with entrepreneurs, adapting our experience, industry capabilities and resources to work for entrepreneurial, fast-growth companies.

You can access our latest thinking and resources in one of four centers of excellence.

If you want to turn a good business into a great one, we know what it takes.

Visit our Global Centers of Excellence:

EY- SGM Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

EY- SGM Global Family Business Center of Excellence

EY- SGM Global Venture Capital Center of Excellence

EY- SGM Global IPO Center of Excellence

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    EY - Maria Pinelli

    Maria Pinelli, EY’s Global Vice Chair of Strategic Growth Markets, talks with CNBC Africa about global IPO phenomenon.
    Watch video online.