Job creation survey

Job creation is vital to economic recovery and growth. At The Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we report on a very specific aspect of job creation: the jobs created by entrepreneurs.

Below, see our survey study results to date. It’s clear that while the global economy is in flux, entrepreneurs are optimistic and are actually creating jobs.

EY - Global job creation
Global job creation
A survey of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs
June 2013

Our annual survey of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year winners shows that treps continue to be one of the world’s greatest sources of sustainable growth, regardless of the local economic forecast. This time around, we received 200 responses from from 35 countries. This is the snapshot these CEOs provided regarding their plans for job creation.

Global job creation survey

Global job creation
A survey of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs
January 2013

For entrepreneurs, innovation is more than a buzzword. It’s the reason some companies are creating jobs. Despite economic caution signs the world over, the majority of entrepreneurs — the world’s true business innovators — tell us they expect to increase their global workforce in 2013.

So how do they intend to buck trends and market forecasts to create jobs, while the more established companies standby and watch? Innovation.

This report explains how innovation is propelling entrepreneurial companies to expand, even in a static economic climate.

Global job hot spots: Help wanted
A global survey of the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs
June 2012

The good news about jobs: as the world struggles to pull itself out a disheartening economic downturn, entrepreneurs are providing a crucial resource in painfully short supply: jobs.

We know this because of our survey of over 8000 Entrepreneur Of The Year winners. They told us that while other businesses struggle to create jobs:

We also learned that the most important factor influencing their hiring plans is sheer growth in the markets for their product and services. In that sense, our entrepreneurs may well be the first to spy land after a long choppy ocean voyage.