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The concept of entrepreneurship is usually associated with launching and building a business, but as you will see from this edition of Exceptional, some of the most entrepreneurial business leaders have never started a company.

Investing in new products and processes remains an important ingredient for growth.

So how are they entrepreneurial?

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic mindset and those who possess it are bold enough to identify opportunities, seek out growth markets and overcome risk. True entrepreneurs are born innovators, learning from successes and failures. And they always push through.

For aviation pioneer HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, a critical success factor for the future growth of Emirates Group is Dubai’s unique ability to interconnect emerging markets.

However, Bris Rocher’s chief concern at French cosmetics company Yves Rocher is the continued integration of sustainable development, which has been a cornerstone of the brand since the 1950s.

HSNi’s Mindy Grossman shares this appetite for innovation. A turnaround force in the world of home shopping, Grossman reflects on how she addressed the adversity she faced in taking over the company and transformed HSNi into an upscale retail empire.

Meanwhile, Lyndon Rive’s Solar City, operating in the volatile cleantech industry, is thriving because of, rather than despite, its unconventional business model.

Elsewhere, Michael Carey discusses how he and the Irish Entrepreneur Of The Year community have used their skills and knowledge, working together through the Soul of Haiti Foundation, to help improve the lives of thousands of Haitian people living in poverty.

Outstanding entrepreneurs are often lifelong learners who seize upon the wisdom of others. A selection of EY National Entrepreneur Of The Year® judges – many of whom are entrepreneurs themselves – share some nuggets that contributed to their business success.

The “doing business in Europe” feature explores how prospects for growth can return in the region.

And finally Meet our new Chairman and CEO, Mark Weinberger, who is this issue’s guest columnist, as he takes the helm of EY. He discusses the challenges facing entrepreneurs today and why he is putting the mission of “building a better working world” at the heart of EY.

Other new articles recently released on the Exceptional extras app include insights from CEOs and entrepreneurs including:

We hope you enjoy this edition of Exceptional and are inspired by the vibrant personalities and rich experiences of the entrepreneurial business leaders we feature.