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Risk management after an IPO - EY - Global

Risk management after an IPO

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Improved risk management provides better protection for an organization’s business, improved business performance, decision-making and competitive advantage.

Finally seeing your company’s ticker symbol on a trading screen is a source of great pride. But that’s not the end of the journey.

A successful initial public offering (IPO) opens the door to some exciting business opportunities.

But life is very different for a public company.

The business will face a whole new set of risks that need to be managed and monitored effectively.

This brief guide will help newly public companies and those planning an IPO to understand how the business risks they face will change and to prioritize actions for risk management improvement. It also explains how better risk management can not only help the business to avoid unpleasant surprises but also to function as an important new source of value and advantage.

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EY - Risk management after an IPO


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