Measures that matter

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What helps make a successful IPO?

At EY we think the people best placed to answer questions about the most effective strategies when going public are the companies who have undertaken the journey and proceeded to outperform the market, and the institutional investors who ultimately judge the success of failure of an IPO via the investment decisions they make.

So we asked them.

The result is “Measures that Matter” a global study, now on its third edition that answers the pertinent questions as to the stages and timings on an IPO value journey and what actions will add value to the IPO transaction. Executives were chosen from companies from all the major global stock exchanges and from a wide variety of industries. Institutional investors come from all over the world and a range of institution types.The insights distilled from this unique resource are presented as the 10 IPO Challenges - from creating a strategic plan up to 36 months before going public to keeping your promises to the new shareholders.

At each stage the executive and investor perspectives are clearly presented in discrete sections for ease of reading. Every company is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach to IPOs. So where there is no consensus among the survey group the range of responses allow independent conclusions to be reached by every reader.At Ernst and Young we want to help them and others to achieve their potential to be future market leaders. Measures that Matter and the IPO challenges are steps in this journey.

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