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Worldwide corporate tax guide Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide (2015)
Summarizes the corporate tax regimes in 161 jurisdictions.
Worldwide VAT, GST And Sales Tax Guide Worldwide VAT, GST and Sales Tax Guide (2015) 
Summarizes value-added tax, goods and services tax and sales tax systems in more than 110 jurisdictions and the European Union.
Worldwide Personal Tax Guide (2015-16) Worldwide Personal Tax Guide (2015-16)
This guide summarizes personal tax systems and immigration rules for expatriates in 162 jurisdictions.
EY-Worldwide R&D incentives reference guide Worldwide R&D Incentives Reference Guide
Our new web-based guide offers a description of available benefits, the incentive application process, eligibility and IP jurisdictional requirements. Learn about the latest R&D incentives.
EY-Worldwide Cloud Computing Tax Guide Worldwide Cloud Computing Tax Guide (2015)
Our interactive country map will help you gain insights into the cloud computing corporate tax regimes across the globe.
Global Oil & Gas tax guide Global Oil and Gas Tax Guide (2015)
Our annual global oil and gas tax guide summarizes the oil and gas tax regimes in 84 countries.
EY - Worldwide Family Business Tax Guide (2013-2014) Worldwide Family Business Tax Guide (2013-2014)
We provide detailed information on tax issues impacting family businesses from 41 countries worldwide.
Worldwide Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide Worldwide Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide (2015)
Summarizes the estate tax planning systems and wealth transfer planning considerations in 39 jurisdictions.
Transfer pricing reference guide Worldwide Transfer Pricing Reference Guide (2014)
Summarizes the transfer pricing rules and regulations adopted by more than 110 jurisdictions.


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