EY Capital Confidence Barometer April 2014 - October 2014

Country reports

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Capital Confidence Barometer - Country reports

  • Australasia: This edition tells an encouraging and sustainable story. All the ingredients are in place to support a robust transaction environment. But growth will be steady and controlled.
  • Brazil: As confidence improves, Brazilian companies are preparing for future growth by focusing on their core assets and optimizing capital structures.
  • Canada: Growth mandates - driven by increased confidence and credit availability — will spur M&A activity across mature and emerging markets.
  • China: Companies are taking a pragmatic stance, balancing cost-cutting and growth initiatives. Digital transformation is now the focus of business and transaction strategies.
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA): Encouraged by strong business and economic confidence locally, plus an increase in corporate earnings expectations, the outlook for MENA transaction activities remain optimistic. Capital Confidence Barometer - Infosheet
  • Russia: Russian companies are now confident in the positive dynamics of global economic growth. However, they take a pragmatic view, balancing risk and return.
  • Spain: Despite the crisis and the slow growth, confidence in the local economy increases in Spain. There is a new and more pragmatic approach, balancing risk and return.
  • United Kingdom: UK companies on hunt for larger deals but shareholder activists encourage boards to keep one eye focused on cost reduction.
  • UK & Ireland: Irish business leaders’ confidence on growth prospects for 2014 increases, remain cautious on deals and acquisitions.
  • United States: As confidence improves, US companies continue to take advantage of strong debt markets and optimize for a longer-term M&A wave.