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Two of the most prominent markets for M&A activity — the US and the UK — saw relatively stable announced bids volume compared with the previous quarter, both increasing by 3% q-on-q.

In a reflection of the global trend, M&A activity in both markets saw larger bids being announced. Total announced bids value increased by 39% and 19% in the UK and the US, respectively.

Announced bids volume in the Eurozone increased by 11% in Q4 2012.

In a stark reminder of the continued economic worries in the Eurozone, both France and Germany saw a significant slowdown in M&A activity in the last quarter of 2012.

In France, announced bids volume decreased by 16% q-on-q, while total announced bids value fell to less than half of that of the last quarter, down by 52% q-on-q. Displaying a similar trend, announced bids volume in Germany fell by 11% q-on-q, while the total announced bids value for the quarter fell by 44% q-on-q.

Spain bucked the trend, however, posting both an increase in volume (+22%) and value of announced bids (+108%) q-on-q. Overall, volume in the Eurozone increased by 11% in Q4 2012, although total announced bids value fell by 4%.

Year-on year change in M&A and percentage of global M&A per region – volume and value