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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Climate change and sustainability are becoming more important to governments, businesses and people everywhere.

On the one hand, businesses face increasingly complex regulatory requirements – that differ by country and industry – as well as the weight of public expectations. On the other hand, the climate change and sustainability agenda presents companies opportunities to generate revenues and cut costs. For many organizations, striking this balance means embedding climate change and sustainability into the hearts of their business. Only by doing so can they meet short-term objectives and create long-term stakeholder value.

EY can help. Our Climate Change and Sustainability Services team is grounded in our core skills in assurance, tax, transactions and advisory. On top of that we have the specific knowledge to help you understand business and regulatory threats and opportunities, explore and execute commercial transactions, monitor performance and assure public disclosures on progress. You'll receive a tailored service supported by global methodologies to address issues relating to your specific needs. Wherever you are in the world, we will provide the right professionals to support you.

A GRI G4 Certified Training by EY

GRI G4 Certified Training

EY has been selected by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as a GRI Certified Training Partner for Greece.

Our next two-day training courses on GRI G4, the latest version of the global de-facto guidelines on sustainability reporting, will be held at the new EY offices (8B Chimarras street, 151 25, Maroussi).

The courses will be delivered by GRI nominated trainers from EY’s Climate Change & Sustainability Services network and will host sustainability professionals, as guest speakers, from Greek leading companies.

The training is suitable for all organizations looking to initiate or improve their sustainability reporting, covering also those required to comply with the new EU Directive on non-financial disclosures.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued directly by GRI.

For more information -and registration- on EY’s GRI certified open or in-house courses please contact Kiara Konti at +30 210 2886 256.

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  • Vassilios Kaminaris
    Head of Assurance
    Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader

    Tel.:+30 210 28 86 220
  • Kiara Konti
    Climate Change and Sustainability Services

    Tel.:+30 210 28 86 256


Need help going green?

How are you handling the increased pressures - and opportunities - of climate change? We can help. Visit our Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services site to see how.

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