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Your development

Your development
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Get ready to fulfil your potential

At EY, we'll give you every opportunity to show us what you can do. Starting your career here is the first step towards achieving everything you possibly can – both at work and in your personal life. Of course, the pace is fast and you'll be doing challenging things. But the support is second to none too.

We run a development framework called EY and you. You'll usually hear us call it EYU. It will give you the skills, knowledge and support to grow in confidence, boost your individual strengths and do amazing things at work.

It's those individual strengths that lie at the heart of your development. We believe you'll go further, faster when you're able to work in ways that feel most natural. So we'll help you identify your own strengths, then together we'll build on them.

Three areas will be key to your development here: learning, experiences and coaching.

Hear Mike talk about his career journey from graduate to Managing Partner. 

Hear Mike talk about his career journey from graduate to Managing Partner.


Your strengths

Everyone has different strengths. Perhaps you’re a logical, careful thinker who gets more done when left to your own devices. Or maybe you’re a creative, energetic person who loves being in a crowd.

Strengths aren’t just the things you know how to do, nor even the things you’re very skilled at. They’re personality traits that make you feel energised, happy and effective when you put them to use.

We know you’ll go further faster and have a better time at EY because you’ll get freedom to use your strengths to work in ways that come naturally. It means you already have what it takes to succeed here.

Hear Louise, Manager, talk about career progression and achieving potential. 

Hear Louise, Manager, talk about career progression and achieving potential.


Learn the way that works for you

You want to develop your skills and enhance your career. We want to help you. Enter our global learning curriculum. It gives you a consistent, structured set of tools to help you learn and develop, including over 16,000 different courses.

We’ll put control over your learning firmly in your hands. Make the most of it.

There are two main areas to learning at EY:

  • Building business skills and acumen. Learn how to communicate better and to work together with other team members and clients.
  • Refreshing and updating your technical skills. Our clients will expect you to be knowledgeable  – and  bang up-to-date.

Although you’ll take an independent approach to learning at EY, there are several milestone events that mark significant achievements during your career. They’re a time for celebration and reflection – and to decide where you want your career to go next.

Hear Ciara, audit assistant, talk about training and exams. 

Hear Ciara, audit assistant, talk about training and exams.


Encounters and events will shape your career

When you join EY, you’ll run into all kinds of interesting people and work with some exceptional clients. We hope you’ll get a buzz out of your experiences.

Some of the things that happen on-the-job will stay with you forever. You’ll perhaps learn as much from these life-enriching, enlightening experiences as from any formal training. They’ll certainly help you understand where you want to take your career.

The opportunities to create more of those moments are there. Maybe you’ll go on secondment to a client, work with people in different countries, or get thrown into a challenging new environment.

Those diverse experiences will help you develop an inclusive mindset – so you can meet our clients’ needs and thrive in a global market. And we hope you’ll take those skills to other areas of your life too – perhaps by giving time to charities and community groups, or when pursuing an exciting new hobby.

Thought-provoking conversations

You never stop picking up knowledge and considering new ideas at EY. Part of that process is learning to have open, honest conversations with people at every level in the company.

Many of those conversations will be informal, like when you’re part of a close team or discussing different ways to solve a problem. Others will be more structured, such as your regular formal performance reviews.

But when you first join EY, you’ll get plenty of attention. We’ll assign you a counsellor who’ll become an expert in you and your career development. They’ll help you examine every piece of feedback you receive and show you how to get your career on the right track.

Getting the right feedback

Everybody deserves the highest-quality feedback These are some of the ways in which we provide it:

On-the-job coaching

Careers The hands-on discussions and debates that happen every day at work will broaden your perspective, make things clearer and show you how to handle particular challenges.

Counseling – performance reviews

Careers Your regular performance reviews are a chance for you and your counsellor to evaluate how your work is going in terms of meeting your set goals and objectives. They’ll help you build on your strengths and establish tangible points to improve and meet them.

Counseling – career development

Careers This lets you express and explore your interests, aspirations and options. It will also give you meaningful goals to aim for over longer periods, and help you influence where you career is heading.


Careers Learning from someone who’s been there and done it in the real world is every bit as valuable as knowing the theory. We encourage our more experienced people to pass their knowledge on to less-experienced colleagues.

We’re all pulling in the same direction

It’s easier to do your job when you know what’s expected of you. So we’ll always give you a clear understanding of your role, how you’re doing and how you contribute to our overall business goals.

After all, you’re part of something big here. Sure, it’s vital that you’re focused on helping the client on your designated project. But it’s also important to see how you play a crucial role in the overall success and development of our business.

We operate a performance management and development process (PMDP) that makes sure your personal objectives are lined up with our overall business objectives. We’ll work with you to set your annual goals and review your progress every six months to see how things are going. And – of course – your counsellor will always be available to talk through any concerns. After all, the firm’s only on track when all our people are on track.

Hear John, Partner, talk about how achieving potential. 

Hear John, Partner, talk about how achieving potential.