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At any point in time, there are more than a handful of business issues demanding your attention. Volatile markets, changing regulations and cross-border issues can create a heightened sense of uncertainty and add noise to the chatter.

We’re here to bring a clear voice to the conversation. We’ll help guide you and hand-deliver the right professionals with the right industry or service experience.

What issues can we help you with today?

EY Economic Eye Winter 2015

Economic Eye

Winter forecast 2015

A tale of two recoveries
Our Economic Eye Winter forecast examines the contrasting patterns of recovery in the all-island economy.

2015 UK Attractiveness Survey

Once again, the UK turned in an outstanding performance attracting Foreign Direct Investment: a record 887 projects in 2014 – up 11% on 2013 – increased European market share, and 31,198 new jobs.

2015 Scotland Attractiveness Survey

In 2014 Scotland secured its third best year on record for Foreign Direct Investment.

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UK Profit Warnings

Q1 2015: Profit warnings...

UK plc struggles to forecast an unpredictable recovery, with 77 profit warnings in the first quarter of 2015 – three more than Q1 2014. Read the full report and the press release.