Budget 2014

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In what is hopefully the last austerity Budget required to exit the EU / IMF bailout programme at the end of 2013, there was a real focus on creating jobs and growth in the domestic economy whilst protecting our reputation from an international tax perspective.  While there was a well-signalled reduction in the overall fiscal adjustment required in 2014 down from €3.1bn to €2.5bn, the Minister was still required to achieve an increase in tax revenues of €1.2bn to fund both the deficit target and the jobs initiative, with €700m coming from new measures and €500m from measures already announced in the 2013 Budget. Read more in our Budget 2014 alert.

Use these pages to find out how the Budget will affect you and your business;  review the Government documents published, and read analysis and commentary from our tax team.

Use our tax calculator to help you calculate how Budget 2014 will impact you, and compare this with your current position.

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