A timeline of our history

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1849Harding & Pullein founded in England. Joined by Frederick Whinney
1859Whinney made a partner
1894Arthur Young starts his first firm, Stuart and Young, in Chicago
Harding & Pullein renamed Whinney, Smith & Whinney
1864 Thomas Clarkson starts a trustee and receivership firm in Toronto
1903 Alwin and Theodore Ernst form Ernst & Ernst in Cleveland, US
1906 Arthur and brother Stanley form Arthur Young & Company in Chicago
1924Arthur Young allies with Broad Paterson & Co, England
Ernst & Ernst allies with Whinney, Smith & Whinney
1939Clarkson allies with Woods Gordon & Co to expand into management consulting
1944 Clarkson Gordon & Company allies with Arthur Young & Co
1979 Ernst & Whinney forms and becomes the fourth largest accountancy firm in the world
Arthur Young’s European offices join several large local European firms
1989 Arthur Young merges with Ernst & Whinney to create EY
2000 Ernst & Young unveils a new, integrated global organization