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Development Advisory services

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One of the most critical issues in the world today is the issue of inclusive growth. The Governments increased focus in providing equitable growth to the different sections of society has resulted in a greater need to identify the gaps in accessing government programs and understanding the people’s perspective. In order to overcome these barriers we at EY offer development advisory services that provide knowledge insight and solutions to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and scalability of operations.

The DAS team brings together an experienced and comprehensive team of development practitioners, management professionals, social researchers and financial professionals, capable of devising a diverse range of advisory solutions. The key clientele includes Government, Bilateral & Multilateral agencies, national & international NGOs, Corporate and Corporate Foundations.
Our domain focus:

  • Aid Effectiveness
  • CSR Advisory
  • Public Health
  • Skill Development and Livelihoods
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Education

Services Offered by DAS

Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluations:

Social needs assessment: We conduct social needs assessment in a given location to assess the social needs and prioritize them keeping the overall objectives of the organization in view.

Social Impact assessment: The impact assessment measures the likely impact of a development or infrastructure intervention on local communities. Through our framework and methodology we undertake objective assessments of the impact so that parallel social development interventions can be designed.

Skill gap analysis: Skill development is a development imperative. We conduct skill gap analysis in a given geography to assess the demand and supply gap of particular skills. We also review the policy environment to project the future demand of skills.

Program evaluation: Program evaluation is important to understand if a particular development program has been able to achieve the desired results. We develop appropriate framework for evaluating effectiveness and efficiency of development projects.

Program Monitoring: We provide handholding support to organizations in concurrent monitoring of their social development programs. We also undertake output-based and outcome-based monitoring.

Financial Monitoring: We assist funding agencies in concurrent financial monitoring of the projects supported by them which involves review of internal control systems and processes assessment of utilization of grant funds for the intended purposes.

Strategy Design:

Partnership strategy: We assist organizations in developing a partnership strategy that helps them in identifying potential partners for implementation of social development programs.

Project roll out strategy: The project roll out strategy includes logical flow of activities with timelines and targets. This helps the organizations in keeping track of the progress of the initiatives and effectively executing the projects.

Strategy for Monitoring and Evaluation: Organizations dealing with development grants often need to streamline their monitoring and evaluation systems. We assist organizations in developing a monitoring and evaluation strategy that is in accordance with their intervention model.

Business Planning: We provide complete business solution to agencies planning to establish skill development programs. This includes program roll-out and financial planning in accordance with the general accounting principles.

CSR strategy: We assist companies in developing effective CSR strategy that is aligned with stakeholders need and overall business objectives.

Aid Effectiveness

Entity set up and regulatory assistance:
We provide assistance to organizations who intend to establish charitable operations in India by:

  • Identifying an appropriate entity structure for undertaking the proposed operations; and
  • Assisting the charitable entity so formed in seeking regulatory approvals as may be applicable under the provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961 and Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010.

Pre-grant evaluation: Prior to making the funding decision, this evaluation assists the funding agency in ascertaining whether the proposed implementing partner has the financial management capacity to implement the proposed intervention.

Grant Expenditure Evaluation: Post finalization of funding arrangement with the Implementing partner and commencement of the program, this assessment is intended to ascertain the utilization of funds for the intended purposes..

Design Standard Operating Procedures: We provide assistance to NGOs/NPOs in designing descriptive manuals for key processes based on best practices across similar development institutions and prepare training modules to facilitate knowledge transfer and dissemination. .

Capacity Building: We undertake capacity development of NGOs/NPOs in various areas relating to accounting, regulatory and financial management of development sector projects.

Social Research and Documentation:

We provide research and documentation services on social development areas such as Maternal and Child Health, Child Rights and Child Protection, Livelihood and Food Security

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