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Donor dynamics - EY - India

Donor dynamics : Issue 03 | April 2010

Current trends in emerging markets

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The road to recovery: Navigating the financial turbulence in Eastern Europe

A wide range of issues continue to challenge developing and emerging markets across the world as we struggle to recover from a global downturn.

In this issue, Nick Tesseyman, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Director of Financial Institutions and Private Equity, talks about the bank’s handling of the crisis and what comes next. EBRD will spend €8 billion this year helping banks and corporates in central and eastern Europe negotiate the fallout from the economic crisis.

We also talk to EuropeAid’s Director General, Koos Richelle. Spurred on by the economic downturn, EuropeAid is striving to deliver more, better and faster aid to developing countries, many of which are already suffering huge food shortages.

Most developing countries are in desperate need of large-scale investments in infrastructure. In addition, pressure is being brought to bear to make any new projects low-carbon, increasing what will be an already hefty price tag. EY’s Filippo Gaddo looks at how countries fund such projects - and how donors and the developed world can help.

This issue also explores effective ways for donors to help governments fight corruption over the long term. Combating corruption remains at the heart of the reform agenda for developing countries.

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