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Impact Assessment & Program Review

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Reviewing a project's progress is essential to ascertain its viability. Time being a critical factor, it is important that all irregularities are dealt with at an early stage.

Our Impact Assessment and Program Review offers the following services to the government and public sector:

Benefit measurement and realization - we help you qualitatively and quantitavely

An initiative is successful only when the outcome or benefits envisaged during its inception are realized. Benefits realized may be quantitative or qualitative.

We help our clients' achieve qualitative benefits such as stakeholder confidence, goodwill and citizen/customer feedback, while keeping in mind quantitative factors such as time, cost, accuracy, efficiency.

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Rapid project assessment - we offer this high-impact service in a short span

Some situations require quick assessment, based on which important organizational decisions are taken. Need for such rapid project assessment may arise from:

  • Change in leadership
  • Decision before budgetary or continuance approvals
  • Need to review particular aspects/outcomes of the project

We carry our rapid assessment of projects by defining essential parameters based on the context and need. Wherever feasible, the parameters are benchmarked with that of peers. We have experience of performing such assessments in various functions of the government and public sector, such as, home, revenue generation, utilities, e-governance, etc.

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Capacity building - we take you through a step-by-step approach for maximum benefit

Our experience suggests that capacity building is critical for reforms in a project. This could be in terms of enhancing skills of existing personnel, addition of new personnel with specific experience/skills or strengthening of personnel to support the new environment.

We assist in capacity building and undertake Training Needs Assessment. A detailed training strategy is developed to build capacity across the various levels of the organization. Gaps are analyzed and alternatives for sourcing personnel are suggested. Further, to sustain the capacities, required institutional set-up is also designed and recommended. We advise clients across all phases of capacity building in the Indian Government and public sector.

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Development of program dashboard - we enable seamless review processes

Senior officials/Management/Key stakeholders need to review progress of various initiatives and projects effieciently.

In doing so, they need to consider the following:
  • What are the key parameters that should be focused on?
  • How should these parameters be recorded and presented to communicate a meaningful summary in minimum time?
  • What should be done after progress review is performed?
  • How should the action be tracked and monitored?

As an independent advisor, we would analyze the key information needs of various roles. We would help determine the method used for sourcing the data and identify channels for desseminating the dashboard information.

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Project monitoring - we offer ongoing solutions

We prepare and execute periodic review of projects and initiatives. Our services in this field also include measuring the progress and impact of a project on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we suggest specific solutions to address bottlenecks or issues that the project may face.

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