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Program management

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In today's complex business scenario with multiple projects being implemented simultaneously, effective program management is a necessity.

We at EY are engaged with various large government accounts spanning over multiple year mandate to offer program Management services. To assist our clients we focus on a 5 stage approach to program management services.

Our approach to program management:

Planning and readiness assessment

Before initiating any initiative, it is essential that an organization understands its requirements vis-à-vis ground reality. We help organizations assess the readiness for envisaged change. The change may be in the form of physical infrastructure, IT systems and training, people's readiness, etc.

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Business case development

In the current environment, it becomes important to explore opportunities and innovate to improve an organization's relevance and growth. At EY, we are dedicated to guiding organizations in search of new initiatives, operating models, new technologies, new partners, among others.

We assist companies in developing a detailed business case delving into factors such as:

  • Revenue implications
  • Cost projections
  • Social investments
  • Capital budgeting
  • Operational expenditure
  • Risk factors

We assist companies in discussing the business case with key stakeholders until finalization.

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Project management office design and set up

A project management office (PMO) is integral to a project, and we help organizations set it up. A PMO tracks activities and records latest status and risks involved in the project. It also reports appropriate information to the senior management.

We detail various aspects pertaining to the PMO, such as:

  • Profiles of people required
  • Information to be sourced and tracked by PMO
  • Templates to be used by PMO
  • Frequency of reports generated by PMO
  • Governance structure of PMO

Our experience in this field allows us to advice organizations on setting up effective PMOs.

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Creation of SLAs

A modern day key to successful implementation of projects that rely on partners or vendors lies in defining enforceable service levels, which the vendor/service provider can adhere to. We bring together experience in procurement, project monitoring of implementation and post-implementation audits for drafting detailed and enforceable SLAs and monitor them.

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Project dashboard and monitoring

Project monitoring requires creation of dashboard to highlight all project activities in a precise and informative manner. Dashboards help in envisaging the issues in advance and taking preemptive actions, if possible.

Our project monitoring services include monitoring of budget, cost, time, quality and stakeholders' key concerns. We are currently assisting many government organizations for monitoring various key projects across sectors and geographies.

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